galway reflexology testimonials

"We found out my little boy had reflux when he was 4 weeks old. i rang Madeleine and she did her best to fit us in straight away. Her warm and friendly welcome made us feel right at home. Madeleine had such a great way with our son. Oisin loved the sessions, he was at ease as soon as Madeleine started working with him. I was so glad to have been able to do something for Oisins discomfort and really believe Madeleines magic touch has helped him become the settled little 3 month old he is now! Can't thank you enough Madeleine!"

Aoife O'Connor

"I attended Madeleine for reflexology for the last six weeks of my second pregnancy. While I didn't attend for any specific complaint or ailment I was delighted with the overall effect that my reflexology sessions had on me.

Reflexology eased the pain in my hips and pelvis caused by a mild SPD, it meant that I was able to sleep in comfort for the first time in months.

I also had no fluid retention or swelling of any kind, a marked difference to my first pregnancy. Reflexology also eased the heartburn and digestive discomfort I had been suffering.

One of the unexpected benefits of my sessions with Madeleine was the effect it had on my state of mind and overall well-being. Reflexology completely relaxed me and calmed me in those final few weeks. I had to have an elective caesarean and entered theatre remarkably calm with no nerves or apprehension, giving birth to a baby girl who was as relaxed as I was.

My only regret- I didn't find Madeleine sooner!"

Linda Gorham

"I have suffered from back and neck pain for more than 15 years, I was extremely low both mentally and physically in April 2012 before I attended a Bio Energy appointment with Madeleine. I was put at ease straight away with her natural, welcoming and informative approach to healing. Within the first few sessions I noticed a huge improvement, my mood and overall health also changed for the better. My sleep patterns improved and with that my ability to exercise which helped with my back and neck problems.

I have found Madeleine’s sessions to be a wonderful asset to my healing. I continue to see her on a regular basis and look forward to my appointments!

I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone as I believe that everyone would benefit from her services."

Louise Murphy

"During my pregnancy i began reflexology from the second trimester. Throughtout the treatments over the 6 months i found i was both relaxed in myself and was sleeping very well. The reflexology help to clear any nasal conjestion and madeline was able to focus on any areas of discomfort in my body. I had felt some upper back pain as the pregnancy progressed but this was quickly cleared after reflexology. I felt i had more energy for work was able to sleep very well and overall had a very relaxed and comfortable pregnancy. I attributed this to the regular reflexolgy i had been receiving throughut my pregnancy. As a complementary therpy in pregnancy i would highly recommed reflexology for any mum to be."

Georgina Dermody

"On my second pregnancy, with the aid of Reflexology, I experienced no fluid retention or heartburn, which I suffered with from 5 months onwards, on the first pregnancy. I also found it a great method to both physically and mentally relax and prepare for the labour and beyond! Unlike the first time, I alocated myself 1 session a week for the 6 weeks after the birth, to help my system to recover. This was also invaluable time out for myself in the first few weeks when a mother needs to look after herself as well. You've done the hard work....reward yourself!"

Claire Forde

" Aside from the obvious benefits of mixing with other mothers, this one to one time with my baby allowed us to have an experience which no one else shared and made me feel more competent as a mother, as I was giving my baby this physical and social treat which benefited us both. It was a date in the diary to look forward to each week, an excuse to get ourselves up and out for the day."

Mother and Baby group

"I met Madeline when my son and I did the baby massage class I found it really helpful with my son daithi he had reflux and colic when I finished my course I brought Daithi to Madeline where she did reflexology with him it helped him so much and relaxed him to no end I would recommend it highly to anyone and no doubt we will be back to Madeline again."

Grainne Lowery