I attended Baby Reflexology with Madeline when my son Patrick was just 3 weeks old. He is my second boy to have reflux and the support and guidance given to me from Madeline was of such a benefit. She taught me exactly what points to work on to help him through his pain and calm him during this hard time. Not alone did Patrick benefit from the classes but so did I. I felt I had support not only in the classroom but also outside of this time as Madeline was always there to help. I would highly recommend everyone does baby reflexology as a way of bonding and supporting you in your  Mother and Baby journey.


Madeleine’s sessions have been a great help to me over the years. Initially I went for sciatica and back pain and I found great relief from reflexology. I also regularly to Madeleine throughout my second pregnancy and the benefits were amazing. I highly recommend

Laura L

I have being attending Madeleine for reflexology for almost 13 years. I initially went looking for complementary therapy during a period where I was dealing with a medical issue which was greatly supported through reflexology. I have continued to attend as it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a great immune booster. It’s my recharger and a personal treat for myself. Madeleine is focused on wellness and harmony and uses her skills as a reflexologist to listen to your body and respond in her treatments. I can’t recommend her highly enough as a professional and as a person.


I didn’t know a lot about reflexology before going to Madeleine and now I am hooked! Madeleine is fantastic and has such an in-depth knowledge of the body. The treatment itself is so relaxing and the feeling afterwards is second to none – you very simply feel ‘lighter’. Even if you don’t have any ailments or specific points of concern, reflexology is the perfect way to indulge in self-care. Prevention is better than cure and I definitely took for granted how much my body needed a ‘re-set’ even if I didn’t think it. Reflexology with Madeleine is the perfect way to de-stress and escape for an hour. I couldn’t recommend it enough.


I went to Madeleine for support with the stress of fertility treatments (including IVF). She has been extremely helpful, and I’ve noticed that my back pain is better controlled and my sleep has improved. I highly recommend her.


I love my reflexology sessions with Madeleine. I have found reflexology very effective in easing tension and unblocking areas of stress. It’s a “time out” for me and I always feel energised and renewed after a session. Madeleine is passionate about the benefits of reflexology. Her skill and care makes the experience very relaxing and therapeutic. I highly recommend Madeleine’s reflexology treatments. It is, in my view, and investment in one’s well-being.


Reflexology and Madeleine helped me when I was in a dark place last year. I tried every possible service up there, but when I met Madeleine I knew I came to the right place. I am now attending regular sessions and nothing makes me more relaxed and feel better. I look forward to every session and I feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend Madeleine and reflexology to anybody I can.


I went to Madeleine for the last trimester of both my pregnancies. I did not go for any particular ailment but I found it so beneficial for many reasons. I was very tired from work and being in the last few weeks of pregnancy and it really helped me unwind and relax – my sleep pattern definitely improved in those weeks. I suffered quite badly with sinuses in my second pregnancy and Madeleine was able to focus in on this and relieve the discomfort I was feeling. I also believe it not just relaxes you but relaxes the baby as well. I haven’t got back to her yet since I had my baby but I do intend to as I think it’s wonderful “time out” when life is busy.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Madeleine – she not only excels at her profession but has a warm and friendly personality and makes you feel so relaxed before she even starts the session.

I attended Madeleine’s mother and baby reflexology class with my 4 week old son and would highly recommend for any age. The atmosphere was calm and relaxed, and no one batted an eyelid if a little one was having an off day! I still use the reflexology techniques I learned daily, we find it great as part of our bedtime wind down. The group was full of lovely mammies, and conversations could end up being about anything from weaning to sleep to siblings to slings! Madeleine has created a really nice vibe in this class that makes every week really enjoyable, learning baby reflexology and getting out and socialising with your baba! 


I have been going to Madeline for the last 7 years – firstly for stress, then to help with fertility, followed by pregnancy reflexology and the baby reflexology classes with my 3rd baby. Now I attend for myself after having 3 kids. It is my saving grace and keeps me on an even keel and I couldn’t recommend her more.

Through baby reflexology, I have learned what points to work on to help relieve the kids of various symptoms and each love having their feet worked on – it really relaxes them especially in times of illness.

I really look forward and thoroughly enjoy every session and feel like it is my safe space.

I would highly recommend Madeleine for her professionalism and warm manner.