Your First Session

What happens at my first appointment?

Your first session will start with an overview of your medical history and your reason for booking a therapy. This ensures that I understand your needs and concerns and I am fully aware of any underlying health conditions you may have.


You will remove your shoes and socks and lie on a massage table (or chair if mobility is an issue).

I will begin by activating the reflex points on on your feet with one side of the body, and continue to the other side until the whole body has been treated. If I find pain, tightness or energetic blockages in any of the reflex points, I will apply pressure to that area to promote healing.

I will end the session in a way that calms and relaxes you. Don’t feel rushed to bring yourself back to the present moment too quickly. Take a moment to enjoy your relaxed state. It’s often recommend that you drink water and rest as necessary following treatment.


A bio-energy treatment is non-invasive, with minimal physical contact. You remain fully clothed except for your shoes. To begin I will scan your energy system, using my hands, to locate any blockages. Then, through a series of gentle hand movements, without touching, I will work to release these blockages out of the energy system, allowing the energy to flow freely. Once the energy is flowing freely, the body can begin to heal. During treatment you may experience many sensations, for instance, heat, cold, tingling or a pulsing sensation.